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Hida Isamu 
Hida Isamu 
Born: c. 1150 
Parents: Hida Tsuneo,

Isamu was a bushi ronin who became Hida Isamu of House Moshibaru after he won his fealty to the Crab.

Family Edit

Isamu was the son of the peasant Hariko and Hida Tsuneo, the Stone Crab, after Tsuneo's return through Oblivion's Gate. [1] By the time Isamu was born, Tsuneo had perished in the collapse of Beiden Pass. As inheritance his mother gave him all that she had of his father, a stone crest of two crab claws holding an emerald. [2]

Gaining Fealty Edit

In 1164, almost 14 years old, Isamu participated in the Twenty Goblin Winter in an attempt to earn fealty in the Crab Clan. Crab Clan Champion Hida Kuon did not immediately like Isamu, but granted Isamu and his ronin band the fealty nonetheless. [1] Isamu became Hida Isamu, of House Moshibaru. [3]

Tsuburu no Oni Edit

In 1165, during an attack on Shiro Hiruma by Iuchiban's forces, the Crab was aided by Kyofu and Kokujin, who defied the bloodspeaker. Hiruma Todori gained information on the location of the Oni Lord Tsuburu no Oni. The information had come from Kyofu, the former brother of Hida Kuon, and was deemed not trustworthy. Isamu volunteered himself and his men, as they would loose nothing if he were to fail. Kuon was not so sure, but Hida Rohiteki managed to convince him the risk was worth the possible reward. Rohiteki was sent with Isamu and his men, and they were successful in killing Tsuburu. Isamu had lost all his men, and he and Rohiteki were the only survivors. Isamu's confidence rose with the feat, and he was beginning to think he should rule the Crab instead of Kuon. While they were still in the Shadowlands, the Rain of Blood began. Rohiteki sacrificed herself to shield Isamu from the rain. Isamu returned to Kyuden Hida and reported the death of Kuon's aunt, and the skull of Tsuburu was purified and hung above the gates of Kyuden Hida alongside that of The Maw. [1]

The Maw Edit

In 1167 a small fracture in the stone where the skull of The Maw hung. [4] Isamu was prepared to destroy another Oni Lord. [5]

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