Hida Ikarukani 
Hida Ikarukani 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Spouse: Un-named earth shugenja 
Children: Hida Kozan

Hida Ikarukani was a berserker of the Crab Clan.

Demeanor Edit

Ikarukani was a unique berserker, who in times of peace was known for his boisterous, gregarious nature. He was beloved by all who knew him, save those who embraced the darkness of the Shadowlands. [1]

Seeking a Spider stronghold Edit

In 1172 Ikarukani left his unit, the Amoro's Legion, to track in the northern Dragon border a Spider Clan stronghold his commander Hida Sozen believed was in the area. He was assisted by a Kitsuki Magistrate, Kitsuki Suiha. [2]

Scorpion lands Edit

He joined the Crab forces who fought in the Scorpion lands under the command of Bayushi Kosaku, with Hida Demopen as Crab advisor. He became a good friend of Bayushi Shigehiro. [3]

Three Man Alliance Plain Edit

In 1173 while fighting in the Second Battle of Three Man Alliance Plain Ikarukani met with his cousin's wife, Chuda Ruri, who he despised for being a tainted shugenja and former bloodspeaker. She used an Earth spell to stop a wave of Destroyers. [4]

Sensei Edit

After the war, Ikarukani retired as a sensei at the Sunda Mizu Dojo, teaching the next generation his technique as well as his philosophy. [5]

Death Edit

The exact fate of Ikarukani was unknown but he was dead before the end of the 12th century. In 1198 a minor vein of jade in the Colonies was named Ikarukani's Pure Rage in his honor. [1] He bore a son, Hida Kozan [6] with an earth shugenja gifted with the blessing of the void. [7]

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