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Hida Ichido 
Hida Ichido 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 400 
Titles: Crab Clan Champion

Hida Ichido was Crab Clan Champion during the Crane-Crab War. It was Ichido who offered protection to the Yasuki family when they broke away from the Crane Clan. [1]

Weakened Edit

Ichido was seen as a weak daimyo, and the Crab was being politically attacked by both the Lion and the Crane, so their forces were thinly drawn across the borders of their provinces. [2]

Shadowlands assault Edit

In 375, [3] tempted by the easy prospect, the Shadowlands assaulted Shiro Hiruma and the Kaiu Wall, under the command of Usu no Oni. The Emperor himself, Hantei Fujiwa, led the Imperial Legions to defend the border. Fujiwa placed the Legions, and even himself, under the command of the Crab Champion, who managed to repel the creatures of Fu Leng [4] at the gates of Kyuden Hida. Fujiwa mandated fierce reprisals against the Lion and Crane for putting in risk the Empire. [2]

Yasuki War Edit

In 386 a rift with the Crane over the Kenkai Hanto Peninsula and the later defection of the Yasuki family in 387, who Ichido welcomed into his clan's ranks, led into an open war, the Crane-Crab War. [5] This affair began when Ichido followed the commands of the Emperor Fujiwa, who devised a plan to weaken the Gozoku. Sadly, the tensions exploded in open war, which was not as Fujiwa hoped, and his position weakened respect the Gozoku power. [6]

Death Edit

When Hida Ichido died under mysterious circumstances, the Crab completely lost faith in Fujiwa and withdrew their political support. The Crab turned their attention to the Crane, hoping to salvage something out of the war. [6]

External Links Edit

Preceded by:
Crab Clan Champion
? - 400
Succeeded by:
Hida Tsakura


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