Hida Hiyao

Hida Hiyao

Hida Hiyao was a bushi of the Crab Clan.

Kisada Edit

He felt that his clan would benefit from an alliance with the Lost to combat the Shadowlands in the Time of Demons, as suggested by Kisada. [1]

Station Edit

As many Crab Hiyao defended the Kaiu Wall against the Shadowlands. In 1169 he fought an ogre alongside a new rank, Hida Kaoru. [2] He was impressed when Kaoru defeated him in a kenjutsu practice. Hiyao had broken Kaoru's bokken and she was wounded by a shard in her leg. Kaoru endured and used her body and bare hands to overwhelm the overconfident warrior. [3]

Third Yasuki War Edit

When the Crab Clan and Crane Clan came into conflict over ownership of the Yasuki family, Hiyao was one of the many Crab samurai who had to stay behind and defend the Carpenter Wall. Although other Crab, like Kaiu Hisayuki felt that they would be better utalized crushing the Crane, Hiyao kept focus on the larger picture, reminding Hisayuki that the defense of Rokugan was more important then fighting over territory. [4]

Shinsei's Last Hope Edit

Hiyao was moved to Shinsei's Last Hope during winter of 1169, when the Crab called a Twenty Goblin Winter. Hida Sozen was there killing goblins to spirit the ronin attendants. [5]

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