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Hida Hiroto 
Born: 1155 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Un-named Hida father,
un-named Ide mother 
Siblings: Three un-named siblings 
Spouse: Un-named Scorpion Clan 
Children: half-a-dozen sons and daughters

Hida Hiroto was a bushi of the Crab Clan.

Family Edit

Hiroto was born in the year 1155 to a Hida father and an Ide mother, the eldest of four siblings. He was a sociable child with a knack for making friends. [1]

Station Edit

Warrior Edit

Hiroto followed in his father's footsteps, a warrior in the Kaiu Wall. In 1171, only a year past his gempukku, the Destroyer War began. He first fought the desperate Shadowlands creatures pushed forward by the advancing Destroyer legions. Hiroto survived when the Kaiu Wall collapsed and retreating to join the siege of Shiro Kuni. When the castle also was overrun, Hiroto had escaped to secure the many secret scrolls of the Kuni family when they were evacuated to the Crane lands. He joined the armies of the Empire and fought the Destroyers near Ryoko Owari, where the entity called the God Beast of Kali-Ma was slain and Hiroto lose his arm. [2]

Courtier Edit

Hiroto retired from active duty, took a wife from the Scorpion Clan, their new allies to contain the threat of the Second Festering Pit, and acted as a liaison between the Scorpion and the Crab at the newly-built Scorpion Wall. Hiroto's efforts made him a universally-recognized figure in the courts. He bore half-a-dozen sons and daughters. [3]

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