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Hida Hio 
Hida Hio 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Children: Hida Iseki

Hida Hio was a Crab Clan border guard whose connections with the Nezumi made him unwelcome at court but a hero on the Wall.

Shadowlands struggle Edit

Hio spent much time with the nezumi, and less and less time with his fellow Crab. [1] During the War of Spirits Hio sent word that the nezumi had seen the Shadowlands warring between them, but Hida Unari was too busy with the internal Rokugani issues. [2]

Foreseen Threats Edit

Hio accompaniend a Hiruma scouting mission into the heart of the Shadowlands, to determine if the threat foreseen by Nezumi Shamans of the Third Whisker Tribe were true. A handful of Nezumi warriors also agreed to accompany them. [3]

Yoee'trr Edit

Hio was a very close friend of Yoee'trr. It sometimes seemed that Hio thought of himself as a Nezumi, calling other humans by the Ratling diminutive "pink-skin". [4]

Utagu's Son Edit

In 1157 Hio and N-kithith were Kuni Kiyoshi's guides in the Shadowlands when he was hunting Mohai. Hio and the nezumi fled near the City of the Lost, leaving alone Kiyoshi. After both Crab came back home no one believed Kiyoshi because Utagu's son was the only who witnessed it. Kiyoshi came again to the City, but was wounded and tainted, and Hio and N-kithith brought him to Te'tik'kir. [5]

Nezumi Conflicts Edit

When Yoee'trr was traveling through the Shadowlands with a Asako Hirariko, they came upon the remains of the Tattered Ear Tribe which had been attacked by another nezumi tribe. Yoee'trr and Hirariko were taken by the Crippled Bone Tribe to see the shaman Te'tik'kir. Hirariko met Hio while the nezumi came to a meeting. Yoee'trr's deductive reasoning led the gathered nezumi to understand that an unknown tribe of nezumi, who were no longer nezumi, had been behind the attack on the Tattered Ear. [4]

Hio view of Nezumi Tribes Edit

  • Hio considered the Grasping Paw Tribe the cleverest and most nimble of the tribes and powerful allies. [6]
  • For a nezumi, to survive was bravery, but the Crippled Bone Tribe had a different view: To survive was brave, but to make one's enemy die as well was better. [7]

Children Edit

Hio had a daughter, Hida Iseki. [8]

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