Hida Gyogi was a Crab member of the Cult of the Lord Moon at Ryoko Owari Toshi. He was captured and sent to prison on the Civil Hall. When a group of magistrate investigating maho activities in the city arrived at the prison. Gyogi tryed to get himself killed by the newcomers being surly and violent without result. [1]

Tortured Edit

Upon torture Gyogi confessed his master was Kuni Ryo, who was trying to get a shipment of Porcelain Masks brought into town by the Scorpion. With them Ryo would summon an Oni to destroy the city. It was partially false information. [1]

Truth Edit

The group used a Jade Sun fetish to get the truth from him. A cultist mark branded on his forearm disappeared and Gyogi was released from the Bloodspeaker brainwashing. He told his true master was O-sama, Isawa Orimono. The Phoenix was who found out a shipment of Yajinden's Porcelain Masks had been brought to the city. Orimono wished the masks to rise an army of undead. Gyogi also told there was a plot to destroy what Amaterasu most appreacited in the city. [2]


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