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Hida Genda was a Crab Clan bushi.

Station Edit

Genda was a noted warrior who once killed an ogre without any apparent difficulty. After being promoted to gunso, Genda's taisa recommended that Genda join the Hida Elite Guardsmen. Genda agreed, on the condition that his gunso best him in a drinking contest. Genda soon became an Elite Guardsman. [1]

Hida Elite Guard Edit

Genda saw little combat in his position, but distinguished himself in friendly duels with his comrades. Genda would even challenge his superiors, and this earned him a recommendation to the Hida Champion's Guard. Genda set the same conditions as a before, and was soon sent to the Champion's Guard. [1]

The good-natured samurai became very popular with his comrades and was promoted to nikutai. He was known for a booming laugh that would ring throughout Kyuden Hida. [1]

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