Hida Fumetsu 
Hida Fumetsu 
Born: Unknown 
Titles: Topaz Champion

Hida Fumetsu was a bushi of the Crab Clan.

Topaz Championship Edit

Fumetsu's invitation to the Topaz Championship had come as a favor for his family, from a Lion lord impressed with his uncle's skill as an armor smith. Fumetsu became the Topaz Champion in 1169, while the effects of the Battle of Toshi Ranbo were still floating. He beat his fellow Crab Hida Kashin in the final. Fumetsu arranged an appointment to Kashin as doshin to an Emerald Magistrate. [1]

Station Edit

Fumetsu was stationed on the Kaiu Wall under the command of the elder scout Hida Manoru. [2]

Wall of Bones Edit

In 1171 Fumetsu and Manoru were in a scouting mission, and they saw the Wall of Bones in the distance. It was destroyed when hundreds of creatures were driven out of the depths of the Shadowlands, by something dangerous enough to scare oni. The demons were dying under the hooves of their larger creatures, these oni were simply running away. They returned to send word of it. The Kaiu Wall began to suffer daily attacks from the fleeing demons. [2]

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Topaz Champion
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