Hida Fujita

Hida Fujita

Hida Fujita was a bushi and commander of the Crab Clan.

Childhood Edit

Fujita grew up an orphan, never knowing his parents. [1]

Station Edit

Fujita fought in the Destroyer War. [1] There he saw oni fighting alongside and against the Destroyers. [2] When the war ended he was appointed under the command of Hida Demopen, being part of the Crab forces defending a section of the Scorpion Wall, which surrounded the Second Festering Pit within the Scorpion lands. [3]

Breach Edit

In 1189 Fujita's section was breached by a Haruno no Oni, which took the life of a visitor, a Phoenix Inquisitor. The Crab archers and Demopen killed the monster. The old Crab commanded retired from his post and Hiruma Tensin arrived to replace him. [3]

P'an Ku's Madness Edit

In an alternate history of what might be the Empire if P'an Ku's madness spread unchecked, Fujita would be the Emerald Champion, with aged Miya Masatsuko at his side. An Empire assailed from without by P’an Ku’s madness, and consumed from within by the zealotry of the Fudo cult. The Ivory Champion Shinjo Tselu would die defending Rokugan of the hordes of Fallen who attacked the Empire. [4]

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