Hida Enko

Hida Enko

Hida Enko was a bushi of the Crab Clan. Her ruthless and unorthodox tactics brought her to the attention of Bayushi Sunetra. [1]

Kisada's Return Edit

In 1166 the Crab Clan was advised by the tainted poet Rezan that an important event needed their presence. The place was Volturnum, and the event would happen beside the ruined Oblivion's Gate. The truce of two years Daigotsu had offered to the Empire was still in force, so they did not expect any trap from the tainted. Enko was one of the samurai who marched there led by the Hiruma Daimyo, Hiruma Todori. They were attacked by Bloodspeakers but protected the Gate long enough for Kisada to return to the mortal world. [2]

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