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Hida Dayu

Hida Dayu

Hida Dayu was a Crab Clan bushi. He had a hatred for the Scorpion Clan and desired their blood. [1]

Kyofu's march survivors Edit

In 1169 Dayu was stationed at the Kaiu Wall when the survivors of the Kyofu's Last March returned. Only three Crab remained from the Damned army, Kuni Daigo, Hida Kengo and Hida Tsubaru. [2]

Cherry Blossom Snow Village Edit

Dayu was tasked with the capture of Cherry Blossom Snow Village this year. He entered the village prior to attacking, to negotiate with the Crane commander Daidoji Zoushi. In memory of Yasuki Hachi neither side would burn the village or brewery. The next day Dayu's forces routed the Crane, but a small group of Crane led by Daidoji Murasaki ambushed the Crab stationed at the brewery and Kakita Kensho-in murdered all the workers and brewmaster. [3]

Charismatic Commander Edit

Dayu's Troops

Dayu's Troops

The troops of Dayu were proud to stand by his side in battle. [4]

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