Hida Dasan 
Hida Dasan 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Spouse: Hida Kohi

Hida Dasan was a bushi of the Crab Clan.

Family Edit

Dasan was married to Hida Kohi and served three tours in the Shadowlands. [1] They lived at Utokii Village. [2]

Traitor and Death Edit

His unit had returned from duty in the Shadowlands, and they were concealed in the Scorpion border, to become the key force in a minor border conflict. When his companion Hida Boti came to see him, Dasan cut him down before he had any chance to act. The traitor later took many lives of his kin before he could be put down, leading to a major defeat in the conflict. [3]

Shadows Edit

Dasan had fallen in a rage, with an unnatural speed, and began screaming like a mad-man. While he was being cut down, he said his actions would save their brothers, that It could not find them now. [4]

Ghost Edit

Dasan had been haunted by the Lying Darkness, seeking to gain a foothold on him. [5] Dasan was dead, but the Darkness maintained a hold on his spirit. In his undead state, the bushi was still a formidable opponent who could only be of use to the Darkness in his non-corporeal state, in dreams. [6] During the ensuing investigation Dasan appeared in dreams to the Kitsuki Magistrate Kitsuki Kaagi, who beheaded him ending his agony. [7]

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