Hida Chizuko 
Hida Chizuko 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Hida Naoyoshi 
Spouse: Hida Yasunori

Hida Chizuko was a bushi of the Crab Clan.

Kidnapped Edit

Chizuko, daughter of Hida Naoyoshi, was betrothed to the acclaimed Hida Toshiro. In 890 Chizuko was preparing to be married, when an inky cloud descended upon her. Chizuko's body dissolved into smoke, and she was magically transported within the Shadowlands, inside a fortress guarded by trolls. [1]

Demon of Marriage Edit

Ryokaku no Oni, the Demon of Marriage, was a cloud no longer, but an armored warrior with two mouths. Chizuko's veil was thrown to a boiling bloody vat which turned red at its touch. The oni declered her suitable to become its wife and the trolls bound Chizuko into a black outer kimono. [2]

Rescued Edit

Hida Yasunori, a bushi Chizuko had met time ago during their gempukku, appeared in the middle of the courtyard and challenged the oni to a duel. Surprisingly the demon accepted, and after it was struck down Yasunori took Chizuko and fled. [2]

Wedding Edit

Chizuko learned Toshiro and Yasunori had chased the fog at she was being kidnapped, but when they were inside the tarnished lands, her betrothed gave up the quest, fearing the taint and other dangers in the Shadowlands, so Yasunori had endured alone. After their return to the Kaiu Wall Chizuko was found free of taint. The samurai-ko quickly told her father she never would accept Toshiro as her husband. Yasunori, who loved her since they first met, claimed Chizuko's hand. [2]


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