Hida Berserkers, kichigai, relied in their emotional power and their wild lust for battle, unstoppable killing machines that crushed everything in their path. [1]

Tradition Edit

They were those who embraced bushido to the exclusion of all else and went into a sort of trance during combat, heightening their strength and stamina. In a clan at a constant state of war their unique talents were always needed. The majority of the berserkers were Hiruma because of the loss of their lands in 716. They also occasionally appeared in the Hida because of their love for battle. [2] This had become less the case since the recovery of Shiro Hiruma. [3]

Battle Edit

A berserker would spend hours before a battle meditating, involving screaming, foaming at the mouth and striking nearby objects. In battle they achieved an almost zen-like balance between discipline and emotion, the combined power of both came to the berserker in a great rush. They would strike with heedless abandon, raining blows like a thunderstorm, their eyes became glassy and distant, they moved with the speed of a panther and attacked with the ferocity of wolves. Some berserkers even cackled or howled like animals, but the most intimidating ones were those that remained completely silent. [4]

Known Technique Edit

The peculiar Berserker techniques allowed a Berserker to channel his emotions and enhance them, whipping up a battle rage that could not be stopped until his enemies laid dead around him, or until he himself was killed. [3]

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