The Hida Avengers were an elite group of Crab Clan heavy infantry. [1] The Avengers were the paragon of all things the Crab held in esteem. Avengers were knowledgable of the Shadowlands and skilled at killing all manner of its denizens. Although used primarily against the Shadowlands, the Avengers fought mercilessly in battles against other armies if need be. [2]

Nearly all Crab Clan Champions had been Avengers. Although the majority of Avengers were from the Hida family, many Crab of other families, including the Kuni were members. The Avenger sensei often accepted any who met the qualifications regardless of their Clan. A few ronin who had proved themselves in a Twenty Goblin Winter or defending the Kaiu Wall had also been admitted to the school, usually after having been offered fealty. [2]

Hida Avenger Techniques Edit


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