Hida Akano 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1198

Hida Akano of House Kakeguchi was a samurai-ko of the Crab Clan.

Family Edit

Akano's grandfather was a defender of the Kaiu Wall, who frozen at the moment of his death, leapt from the highest of the watchtowers as it came crumbling down around him, engulfing a massive oni. [1]

Station Edit

Akano was born in a generation that had not seen the frequent attacks upon the Kaiu Wall by the Shadowlands, as it happened for centuries before the Destroyer War, when jade was required to avoid taint. In twelve year vigil, she had not seen one significant battle. Akano was fond of Hida Takeuchi, another bushi stationed at the wall. [1]

Officer Edit

Akano was the most loyal and favorite officer of the Kakeguchi Daimyo, who died in 1198. He was succeeded by the youngest of the dead lord's sons, Kakeguchi Haruto, but the only one still alive, who had been raised in the Imperial City Toshi Ranbo. He quickly appointed Akano as his karo. Haruto arranged with the Scorpion Clan to transfer Kakeguchi soldiers from the Kaiu Wall to Scorpion waystations bordering the Shinomen Mori. He also would trade their jade stockpiles in exchange for influence, as no threat of involuntary corruption could happen. [1]

Death Edit

Akano read the journals of her great-grandfather, and learned his doubts about the Crab's duty in those years, before the attacks renewed unexpectedly, and then came the Second Day of Thunder. In protest for her Lord's orders, Akano appeared at the Sagiso Court, and exposed her arguments as walking dead, as she already had committed kanshi. The Sagiso Court of Shiro Kakeguchi had not witnessed a Kanshi in over two-hundred years. [1]


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