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Hiasobi family
Patron family: Tamori family
Clan: Dragon Clan
Founded: 12th century
Daimyo: Unknown

The Hiasobi family was a vassal family in service to the Tamori family of the Dragon Clan.

Origins Edit

Asahina Maryoku was extremely talented with Kagaku, and a renowned artist of fireworks. He began to seek enlightenment standing in the hottest part of the flames, and in one of these fugue states, his home was set ablaze, his wife Asahina Hiyako died, and his son Asahina Hiya was scarred. When Maryoku woke up from his daze, he was driven mad by the realization of what he had done, and went deeper in his research. He was forced to make one of his light displays during a wedding, but the outcome was a burned house, many guests injured, the betrothed incinerated, and Maryoku himself ablaze. His followers were cast out of the Crane Clan. [1]

Founding Edit

The Tamori accepted Maryoku's followers in their ranks, and granted them a vassal family named hiasobi in honor of their profession. Hiya was the first daimyo and Ikken no Inka their ancestral home. Their new patrons wished the most important research of Asahina Maryoku, a potion that burned in contact with water, but the master's secret had not been shared with his followers. [2]

Duty Edit

The Hiasobi worked on developing the potion of their predecessor, but they had had little luck. They developed several potions that could protect an individual from heat, and ones that spontaneously ignited upon impact.[2]

Hiasobi daimyo Edit

Asahina Hiya  ? - ?

See also Edit


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