Heroes of Rokugan

Card list and Flavor Text Edit

Title Flavor Text
Revealing the Ancient Wisdom True force of chi is this: to be swift at the beginning and the end, and tranquil in the middle.
Cherry Blossom Festival Blown from the west, Fallen petals gather. To the east, they fall. -Rezan the Ronin Poet
Spirit Legion "True samurai must keep constantly in mind, by day and by night, the fact that they must die." -Kakita Rensei
Anvil of Despair ---
Atarasi's Armor Forged by Osano-Wo, the armor was a gift to celebrate his brother's return. But the Shadowlands are empty, and Atarasi has never come home.
Judgement "The sworn oath of Bushido is harder than metal; how strong, then, is a samurai's soul?" -Iuchiban
Shinsei's Riddle The student asked, "What is truth?" Shinsei smiled. "Whatever I tell you," he replied, "will be a lie."
Someisa "In each breath lies the secret of the Celestial Heavens, and with each word we lose enlightenment. With silence, the world speaks, and we must answer in kind."
Hida Osano-Wo "If you know what it is to lose all for which you have fought and bled, and you still have the strength to try again, then you are truly my son."
Kakita Rensei "Brave deeds may be forgotten; brave people never die."
Mirumoto Tokeru "The mountains never learned to step aside."
Matsu Hitomi "Every scar has a story. That is why the Fortunes gave them to us: you can forget pain, but you never forget the scar that it leaves behind."
Qatol One soul, one mind, the Naga see in his eyes the past-and now the future. The Naga believe he will be reborn in human guise, lifted to the heavens and given jade and pearl.
Goju Yume The land of the dead is barred by the Living Shadow; none will pass that way while Yume stands guard.
Isawa Ijime "We are the clay from which dreams are made, a false life surrounded by the truth of sleep. Yet our dreams are shadows, fleeing with the sun, and truth is no more: lost alone, and unawakened."
Shosuro Furuyari "How easily mortals are corrupted, and how difficult it is to make them just." -from Bayushi's Lies
The First Oni Foul inside, to match a face of corruption. How else could the first son of Fu Leng survive his master?
Celestial Dragon Seven Dragons hold the world aloft: five for the Elements, one for the Thunder, which separates Earth and Sky, and the eldest-guardian of the Path of Immortality-for the Celestial Heavens.
Miya Mashigai "For you, my Emperor, I have done all things," he smiled, and died at peace with the world.
Rezan "You should tell the honorable Emperor how much you like my poems, samurai." The ronin grinned, his katana cold and shining. "Or do I have to teach you a new style of haiku?"
Seppun Murayasu "Do not worry that no one recognizes you. Seek to be worthy of recognition. Do not carry a sword that is famous. Make your own sword famous with your deeds. Do not worry about the rigors of life. Concern yourself only with courage in death."
Yasuki Kaneko "Her blade was all the swifter, hidden behind innocent smiles." -Miya Mashigai
Otaku Shiko "One should make a decision in the space of seven breaths. More, and courage flees; less, and impatience dulls the strike."
Gusai "Linger when you study art, history, and war. Take time to contemplate the Fortunes, the Masters, and Shinsei's Tao. But always remember, each day of your learning: If it is time to strike, strike. The moment does not last."
Land of the Dead Stepping through oblivion's gate, the heroes of the past fight in the present to save the future.
One Virtue and Seventy Faults ---
Warrens of the Nezumi ---

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