Heroes of Rokugan was the first direct to player set of Legend of the Five Rings Card Collectible Game. The set was packaged in cloth covered box and binder and featured the first Nezumi Stronghold. This Jade Legal jade legal set was the first to feature the Gold bug gold legal.

Preceded by:
Top Deck Booster Pack
Succeeded by:
Soul of the Empire

Cards Edit

Number Name Type Rarity Image
- Anvil of Despair Holding Fixed
Anvil of Despair-card
- Atarasi's Armor Item Fixed
Atarasi's Armor-card
- Celestial Dragon Personality Fixed
Celestial Dragon-card
- Cherry Blossom Festival Event Fixed
Cherry Blossom Festival-card
- Goju Yume Personality Fixed
Goju Yume-card
- Gusai Personality Fixed
- Hida Osano-Wo Personality Fixed
Hida Osano-Wo-card
- Isawa Ijime Personality Fixed
Isawa Ijime-card
- Judgment Item Fixed
- Kakita Rensei Personality Fixed
Kakita Rensei-card
- Land of the Dead Region Fixed
Land of the Dead-card
- Matsu Hitomi Personality Fixed
Matsu Hitomi-card
- Mirumoto Tokeru Personality Fixed
Mirumoto Tokeru-card
- Miya Mashigai Personality Fixed
Miya Mashigai-card
- One Virtue and Seventy Faults Spell Fixed
One Virtue and Seventy Faults-card
- Otaku Shiko Personality Fixed
Otaku Shiko-card
- Qatol Personality Fixed
- Revealing the Ancient Wisdom Action Fixed
Revealing the Ancient Wisdom-card
- Rezan Personality Fixed
- Seppun Murayasu Personality Fixed
Seppun Murayasu-card
- Shinsei's Riddle Kiho Fixed
Shinsei's Riddle-card
- Shosuro Furuyari Personality Fixed
Shosuro Furuyari-card
- Someisa Personality Fixed
- Spirit Legion Follower Fixed
Spirit Legion-card
- The First Oni Personality Fixed
The First Oni-card
- Warrens of the Nezumi Stronghold Fixed
Warrens of the Nezumi-card
- Yasuki Kaneko Personality Fixed
Yasuki Kaneko-card