Heretic War 
Foothold of the Mad
Location: Colonies
Date: 1198 - Present
Major Forces: Fallen,
Generals: P'an Ku
Battles of Rokugan

The Heretic War was the conflict that broke when the mad dragon P'an Ku exerted its influx over the Colonies. Its accounts were gathered in the Chronicle of the Heretic War. [1]

Preambles Edit

P'an Ku was the driving force behind the rift created between the Empire and the Colonies in the year 1198. [2] The mad dragon exerted its influx over many Rokugani in the Colonies, who were known as the Fallen. [3] The first to know the threat were the followers of Fudo. They even could anticipate who would become mad before his madness appeared, and began to act against them. [4] Eventually, the Council of Five also learned of P'an Ku's actions, and exposed it to the Empire. [5]

Mantis-Crane War Edit

In 1198 P'an Ku intervened in the Battle of Twin Forks City to amuse itself, maddening Mantis and Crane samurai, for its own amusement. The creature provoked a series of events that ended with the Crane fleet practically wiped out, and few Mantis ships survived. [5]

Writings and Heart of Fudo Edit

In 1199 the Writings of Fudo were group of Emerald Magistrates led by Doji Hakuseki. They were a series of scrols detailing the moments when P'an Ku had interferred in Rokugan. Several of the accounts where considered preposterous, as they told of unknown events such Matsu Nimuro being copied by the Egg of P'an Ku. They also found the Heart of Fudo, a powerful artifact. [6]

War Edit

The previously unseen influence of P'an Ku reached into the hearts of many within the Colonies, and the result was madness and suffering on an undreamt of scale. [7]

Second City Riot Edit

Riot in the Second City

Riot in the Second City

The dragon turned its attention on the Second City. Its hand reached out into the mortal realm, and madness spread on the city. [6]

Journey's End Siege Edit

The mob of fallen left the Second City and moved toward the Empire, and laid Siege to Journey's End City. [8]

A Fever in the Blood Edit

A Fever in the Blood

A Fever in the Blood

The land itself added to the conflict, as loyal samurai and Fallen alike found themselves beset with fever and weakness. [9]


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