Helm of Thunder 
Helm of Thunder
Created by: Unnamed Soshi shugenjas
First used by: Unknown
Currently in the possession of: Iweko Setai

The Helm of Thunder was one of the seven Dragon Helms.

Crafted Edit

The Helm of Thunder, as the rest of Dragon Helms, were crafted by Soshi shugenjas who learned how to contain a portion of the Elemental Dragons in a mortal object. [1]

Powers Edit

If the bearer encountered the Dragon of Thunder, he might request one favor in return for giving the helmet to the dragon. The Thunder Dragon's power was such that nearly any request could be granted, though if the wearer was cowardly or selfish the dragon might twist the letter of the wish, granting it in an unexpected way. [1] The Helm rendered the wearer immune to Fear as well as any spell or ability that would cause the wearer to fall asleep. [2]

History Edit

It was unknown how the Helm of Thunder came to a Temple devoted to Dragon of Thunder's son, Osano-Wo, fortune of Fire and Thunder. It was kept unused during years until Yoritomo Naizen arrived to the temple and took it with him. [1] In 1171 the Mantis Clan offered the Helm to Akodo Setai in the Imperial wedding celebrated in the Temple of the Jade Sun between the Lion and the Empress Iweko I. [3]

Known Wielders Edit


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