The Hellbeast were massive, muscular quadrapeds that were discovered deep within the Shadowlands by the Lost. [1] They were called great-drooling-beasts by the nezumi. [2]

Shadowlands Cavalry Edit

The concept of cavalry had been well known among the inhabitants of the shadowlands for centuries, and the Dark Moto were the most famous of these riding skeletal nightmares known as onikage. Some of the Lost however were not satisfied with the sturdyness of the onikage, and began searching the Shadowlands for a more suitable steed. Searching deep into the shadowlands revealed the hellbeast. [1] The Rokugani began seeing them in the eleventh and twelfth centuries. [3]

Appearance Edit

They were relatively intelligent creatures, but also fiercely independant making taming them an often fatal task. They stood between eight and ten feet tall, with long jagged hooves and massive tusks and horns. The beasts seemed to loathe being ridden, but would sometimes submit to someone with a strong will. Some of the Lost even seemed to have an ability to communicate with the beasts, and those who displayed this ability most often had success with riding the beasts. The hellbeasts that could be convinced by the Lost were more than likely doing so because the promise of fresh meat after the battles. [1]

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