Tamori's Flame

A Thunderclap Fireball

The Thunderclap Fireballs consisted of a large, egg-shaped paper casing covered with lacquer and filled with flammable pitch. [1]

Mechanics Edit

A fuse was fitted in one end through a bamboo tube. The fuse was lit, and the fireball was either launched from a catapult or dropped off the wall on an attacking army. These weapons were built with a large wheel on one end and a handle on the other to allow them to be loaded into a catapult more easily. On impact, the hekireki kakyu broke open, spreading the flaming pitch around the point of impact which would burn until doused. [1]

Variant Edit

A more deadly version incorporated Dragon hanabi and broken crockery instead of pitch. This caused the missile to explode, scattering flame and shrapnel. These missiles were very unstable, and sometimes blew up in the air or in the catapult. [1] The Tamori's Flame was used by the Dragon Clan to help secure the Shrine of the Ki-Rin from the Phoenix during the Dragon-Phoenix War. [2]


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