Plains of Battle

Plains of Battle (EE)

The Plains of Battle (EE) [1] were located in the heart of Lion lands, guarded by Lion samurai [2] near the Castle of the Swift Sword. [3] They spanned the Akodo and Matsu lands, extending from the southern reaches of the Akodo holdings all the way down to Shiro no Yojin on the border between the Matsu and Crane lands. [4]

Dual Purpouse Edit

The plains supplied a significant portion of the Lion Clan's food. [4] Soybeans, sorghum, wheat, sugar beets, flax, cotton, sesame seeds, and millet were all grown in this rich and fertile region. [5] Much of the Empire relied upon its rice yield each year, though the extensive tracks of flat land were perfect for training armies. [6]

Taxation Edit

The plains had no protection from taxation by the Emerald Champion and had often been taxed due to the frequency that a Crane held that position. [1]

History Edit

Legacy of the Forge Edit

In 1122 the plains was an embittered place, where the Legacy of the Forge, an army arrived from Toshigoku, had taken hold. Dishonorable battle frenzy, fever-induced madness, and entire villages were drawn into a bloodshed. The demon Giama no Oni was summoned there to cause further havoc. [7]

Slaughtering of the Utaku Edit

In 1132 the Unicorn charged against Lion lines. Akuma no Oni slaughtered the pride of the Otaku, the Battle Maidens and drived them from their horses, crushing them beneath Lion blood. [8]


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