Plain of Thunder

Plain of Thunder (JJ)

The Plain of Thunder (JJ) was dedicated to the Fortune of Fire and Thunder, Osano-Wo.

Grounds of the Emerald Championship Edit

The plain was also where the Test of the Emerald Champion was held, in honor of the Fortune who was the patron of all bushi. [1]

Location Moved by Imperial Decree Edit

The Great Clans lobbied to move the location of the tournament of the Emerald Champion out of Dark Edge Village, transferred to the Unicorn Clan one century ago after their return. In 998 Hantei XXVIII settled the matter by proclaiming that the Emerald Tournament would be moved to the Plains of Thunder, under the supervision of the Brotherhood of Shinsei. [2]

Grounds Edit

The grounds of the Emerald Championship formed a large circle surrounded by low stands. The dais where the Emperor watched stood on the far west side, as well as positions for the Clan Champions on either side of the Imperial seat. The grounds had several rings, as well as a raised dais before the Imperial seats. It was on this dais where it was tested the participant's knowledge of law and the customs of the Eight Great Clans. [3]

Miya Territory Edit

The plain was located between Unicorn and Scorpion lands, [1] bordering the great Shinomen Forest that marked the western border of the Empire. [4] The Miya family took upon themselves the maintenance and care of the Plain. [5] The Kakita staged an honor guard that patroled the sacred grounds, and a contingent of Asahina Shugenja ensured the grounds' purity and sanctity. [3]

Temple of Osano-Wo Edit

The first Temple of Osano-Wo was built in these plains by a retired Crab. [6] Four shrines to Osano-Wo marked the plain's four corners, each depicting Osano-Wo in a different aspect - vengeful, protective, meditative, and watchful. These four statues formed a rough and uneven rectangle. [3]

Peaceful place Edit

By edict and custom, no armies trod upon this region and no one dared to tame the land with rice and other crops. No one would dare draw Osano-Wo's ire by showing disrespect to his will. [4] Once the territory was invaded, and the sohei retaliated immediately and brutally, defeating a larger Unicorn force. [7] In 1199 a Crab army engaged a Lion army, to resolve a matter of honor. [8]

Hand of Jade Hand Edit

In 1170 Omen, the Voice of the Jade Sun, met in the plains Matsu Benika to grant her the Hand of the Jade Dragon. [9]


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