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Temples of the Snake

Temples of the Snake

The Dragon Heart Plain was the wide open plain which seperated the Dragon and Phoenix Clan provinces.[1] It was divided into two different parts, the rocky southern plains and the ill-omened northern plains.[2]

Climate Edit

Dragon Heart Plain

Dragon Heart Plain

Despite a relatively cool climate, the region was quite fertile and many people living in the southern provinces felt the lack of cultivation and food production wasteful. Anyone with a deeper understanding of the area's history, however, would not make such observations.[1]

Northern side Edit

In the northern plains once stood Shiro Chuda, [3] the home of the Snake Clan, but they were destroyed by the Phoenix Clan in the Five Nights of Shame in 402. There were only broken stones and shattered foundations remaining which an occasional shugenja would dig around in, hoping to find some remnants of the Snake Clan's magic. The lucky explorers returned disappointed, the unlucky ones did not return at all. [4]

Animals avoided many spots within the plain and outbreaks of the taint had occured without any apparent cause. [5]

The region was technically within the lands of the Ox Clan, despite that the Phoenix had unofficially cared for them for centuries. [3]

The high barren plain overlooks the Dragon fortresses in the south of Dragon lands and Reihaido sano Ki-Rin. [4]

Southern side Edit

In the south the plains were rocky and shallow-soiled, with areas of extremely treacherous footing and sparse water supplies. [2]

History Edit

Five Nights of shame Edit

In 402 the Phoenix Clan descended on the Snake and destroyed the Clan, who had fallen to a Shuten Doji. [6]

Dragon-Phoenix War Edit

In the Dragon-Phoenix War an army led by Matsu Tejin defeated Mirumoto Ukira. [7]

War of Silk and Steel Edit

In 1168 near the Dragonfly River [8] the Crane forces were defeated by the Dragon army in the War of Silk and Steel but saved the day when the Lion joined them. [2]

Hitomi falls Edit

In 1170 Hitomi fell in the southern rocky plains after she was defeated by the Obsidian Dragon. [9]

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