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Heigen is the Rokugani word for Plains.

Rokugani Plains Edit

Aojiroi Oku Heigen "Pale Oak Plain"
Asako Plains
Bunya sano Asahina "Fields of the Morning Sun"
Field of the Winds
Golden Plains
Heigen Kori "Ice Plain"
Heigen no Hayai Mondai "Plain of Fast Troubles"
Heigen no Hisshi no Waroi "Plain of Desperate Evil"
Heigen no Kaminari "Plain of Thunder"
Heigen no Otaku "Plains of Battle"
Heigen Ryo Kokoro "Dragon Heart Plain"
Heigen sano Doji "Doji family Lands"
Heigen Yogensha "Plain of the Prophet"
Heigen yori ue ni Warui "Plains Above Evil", "Hirano Aku Joki"
Heigen Yuki "Snow Plain"
Heiwa and Kaze Heigen "Quiet Wind Plain"
Honored Treaty Plains
The Howling Fields
Hundred Stances Plains "Plains of Lighting", "Oshiro's Grave"
Ikoma Plains "Plains of the Ikoma"
Kakita Plains
Kin Taiyo Heigen "Golden Sun Plain"
Kotanu Plains
Last Stand Plain "Hiruma ancestral lands"
M'atch-tek'Ksoo'ma "The Death of the Peace-Bringer"
Mitsu Otoko Rengo Heigen "Three Man Alliance Plain"
Naga Doro Heigen "Naga Road Plain"
Nanatsu hi Otaku Heigen "Seven Day Battle Plain"
Nani-aku Heitai Heigen "Sevenhundred Soldier Plain"
Northern Steppes
Osari Plains "Plains of the Crane Clan"
Plain of Bitter Words
Plain of Peasant's Sorrow
Plains of Bloodied Honor
Plains of Drowned Sorrow
Plains of Foul Tears
Plains of Gaiju Shindai
Plains of Sleeping River "Sleeping River Plain"
Rokugan Yogasha Heigen "Emerald Champion Plain"
Ronin Chiiki "Ronin Plains"
Seppun Gardens
Shining Moon Fields
Shireki Plain
Shiroi Kishi Heigen "White Shore Plain"
Shukufuku Suru Jimen Heigen "Blessed Ground Plain"
Takai Kusa Heigen "Tall Grass Plain"
Timeless Plains
Uichiman Plains
Utaku Plains "Plains of the Maiden"
Utaku Meadows
Utaku Steppes
Western Steppes

Plains of the Colonies Edit

Plains of Glass "Empty Plains"
Plains of the Pincer Alliance

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