Please note: This article is about the bushi and the original Jomei of the Boar Clan. For other uses of the term, please see Jomei (disambiguation).
Heichi Jomei 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Children: Heichi Jomei 
Titles: Leader of the Lair

Heichi Jomei was a bushi of the Boar Clan.

The Lair Edit

Jomei was sent by the Badger Clan Champion to spot potential mining sites which could be exploited by the new Minor Clan. In a remote corner of the Twilight Mountains he found a small plateau completely surrounded by mountains, shielded from outside view and sheltered from the worst of the weather, accessible only through a single narrow path, which was called the Lair, and the three major mines came to be known as the Three Brothers. A new village thrived, and his temporary fort eventually turned into a real castle, which was largely unknown outside of the Boar Clan. [1]

Destruction of the Boar Clan Edit

In the year 501 Agasha Ryuden sacrificed the Boar Clan and destroyed Shiro Heichi during the creation of the Anvil of Despair. [2] News and trade caravans had stopped coming in from Shiro Heichi, and few weeks later the Lair came under attack from a force of Bloodspeakers, dispatched by Agasha Ryuden to dispose of this lingering remnant of the Boar Clan. The Boar eventually won the day, and his best hunter Heichi Juneiko came and returned from Shiro Heichi telling the Boar Clan had been destroyed. [3]

Last Boar Stronghold Edit

Jomei decided the Lair would remain as the last stronghold of the Boar Clan, to preserve its heritage and maintain eternal vigil on the mountains. Jomei forbade anyone from leaving the Lair and its existence was henceforth to be a secret to the outside world. [3]

Legacy Edit

When Jomei passed away, his son took the name of Jomei, and this soon became a tradition, so that a Heichi Jomei had always been in charge of the Lair. [4]


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