Heichi Jianzhen was a member of the Boar Clan.

Return to the Mortal Realm Edit

Jianzhen was held by the Shakoki Dogu in a spirit realm alongside the other surviving members of the Boar Clan. In 1159, the Shakoki Dogu could no longer enter the ruins of Shiro Heichi, and allowed Jianzhen to return to the mortal realm to investigate. She discovered that the mad monk Kokujin had taken up residence in the ruined castle, but was unable to ascertain what prevented the Shakoki Dogu from driving him away. [1]

Kokujin's Challenge Edit

Jianzhen was present in the Twilight Mountains in 1159 when Kokujin sent his challenge to the Dragon Clan. She encountered Togashi Matsuo, Mirumoto Rosanjin and Hoshi Wayan after their initial defeat at the hands of Kokujin Kobai and his minions. [2]

"Rokugan cared little for my clan when it was destroyed. Why should anyone care if we survive? We do not need the Empire. We have the Shakoki Dogu to protect us."

Revealing Truths Edit

Matsuo convinced Jianzhen not to kill him, Rosanjin and Wayan. Instead he suggested the four of them work together to remove Kokujin from Shiro Heichi. The four met at a ruined temple where Jianzhen did her best to heal Wayan. While he would no longer die, he was still severely wounded. Jianzhen explained to Matsuo and Rosanjin the true story of what happened to the Boar Clan, and the three realised that Kokujin must be using the Anvil of Despair and this was preventing the Shakoki Dogu from attacking Kokujin. [1]

"Since the arrival of Kokujin and his minions, the Shakoki Dogu can no longer enter Shiro Heichi. Every time I approach I sense a great evil."

Other Arrivals Edit

Once Wayan was sufficiently recovered he was sent with a message to the Crab Clan informing them of what was transpiring in the Twilight Mountains, much to his annoyance. Jianzhen informet Matsuo and Rosanjin that the Shakoki Dogu had sensed the arrival of two other tattooed men in the area. The three decided to investigate, hoping to find more allies, and discovered Togashi Mitsu and Kaelung. Kaelung and Rosanjin began bickering, but their disagreements were put on hold when Tamori Chieko's screams echoing through the mountains brought the more pressing matter back to their attention. [3]

"The power of Taint may protect Kokujin, but the Shakoki Dogu's power still rules these mountains."

Aiding the Dragon Edit

Jianzhen and the Shakoki Dogu began causing massive avelanches and earthquakes in the area surrounding Shiro Heichi. Refusing to completely destroy the castle, in part because it was her ancestral home, because it would not affect Kokujin's underground location, the attacks merely served as devestating distractions allowing Mitsu, Matsuo and Kaelung time to enter Kokujin's lair. [4]

"Kokujin does his work in the caves beneath, where we cannot reach. He uses the First Oni's corruption to protect him. We could heap mountains atop him and he will survive. Ultimately, all of this will serve only to annoy and distract him. . . and to destroy my ancestral home."

Chieko's Fate Edit

Jianzhen was met by Togashi Matsuo who had whisked Tamori Chieko away from Kokujin. The Boar instructed the Shakoki Dogu to heal Chieko, expecting she could return the favor bringing some peace to the souls sacrificed to the Shameswords. [5]


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