Hazu was a ronin.

Early Years Edit

The father of Hazu died during the Fall of Otosan Uchi and the destruction of the Yotsu Dojo. Hazu survived, rushed from the city in his mother's arms. The child had a deformed eye and many believed he had been touched by the Shadowlands Taint. His mother fell to madness during the Rain of Blood, leaving him with no home, no family, and few possessions. [1]

Topaz Championship Edit

Hazu was selected to compete in the Topaz Championship. He celebrated with sake the completion of the first day, and chose another contender, Tamori Gojinka, as the object of his affection. As a way to distract him, she requested Hazu a gift crafted by each Great Clan. He began seeking the requested gifts. Despite his bizarre behaviour, Hazu was skilled enough to pass the first two days, reaching the iaijutsu contest. [1]

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