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Hayate was a heimin and oyabun at Zakyo Toshi.

Gang Leader Edit

Hayate started out selling his services as a spy to each of the four major gangs in Zakyo Toshi, dealing dirt on each gang to the others. He never got any tattoos to show gang affiliation, and was known by a different name and face. He was Qiuye for the Brotherhood of Autumn, Daisuke for the Silent Canary, Noriko for the Bawdy Carp, and Kagi for the Firemen. Through trickery, guile, and an occasional resort to poison, he managed to become the head of each gang. Hayate formed an alliance between the gangs, welding them into a single powerful criminal organization. Each gang still operated independently, reporting to one of his personas. [1]

Power Struggle Edit

Hayate never attempted to gain a seat in the Merchant Council, but he was concerned when new sources of power appeared in the city, as the so-called "Spider Clan", or the Scorpion Clan after they annexed Zakyo Toshi in 1170. [2]

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