Hayameru family
Patron family: Matsu family
Clan: Lion Clan
Founded: Unknown
Daimyo: None

The Hayameru family was a defunct vassal family of the Matsu. [1]

Family destruction Edit

The Hayameru Daimyo Hayameru Shibai and his family had been trapped within a small fortress near Beiden Pass with the forces of the Scorpion Clan assualting them. The Scorpion agreed to spare Hayameru's children in exchange for his surrender of the castle. Before the battle, Hayameru's personal guards discovered the plot and alerted the Matsu, and Hayameru was branded a traitor. His own men turned upon him and tore him apart. They were allowed to give their lives for their honor, so the Hayameru led the strike, and due to their ferocity and disregard for their lives, the Lion won the battle. this day the Deathseeker tradition was begun. [1]

Politics Edit

Hayameru Daimyo Edit

Hayameru Shibai  ? - ?


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