Hateru family
Patron family: Ide family
Clan: Unicorn Clan
Founded: 1st century
Daimyo: Unknown

The Hateru family was a vassal family of the Ide.

Founding Edit

Ide Hateru was the founder of the Hateru vassal family. He was a sworn servant of Ide. [1] Some sources claimed the Hateru became ronin instead to remain a vassal family of the Unicorn. [2]

Moving to Dragon Lands Edit

When the Lion claimed the Ki-Rin lands from the remnants of that clan, the Hateru migrated north to the outskirts of the Dragon holdings. Their small size and unassuming nature made it easier for them to masquerade as Dragon samurai. [1] The Hateru had lost all faith in honor and the Emperor, so they began a darkened path, developing skills as spies and assassins, offering their services to those willing to hire them. They used a small tattoo of a Ki-Rin to identify each other. [3]

Spies Edit

The Hateru successfully infiltrated the Kitsuki family, as they had been involved with the Kitsuki Investigator school since the days of Agasha Kitsuki himself. The Hateru used his family to gather intelligence from across Rokugan. [1]

Politics Edit

Hateru Daimyo Edit

Ide Hateru 1st century

See also Edit


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