A Crane Hatamoto

A Hatamoto, or honored retainer, was the official representative of the family name. It was the chief aid and advisor to a daimyo.

Duties Edit

The position commanded great respect and influence, as the daimyo had chosen the individual for this task. When a daimyo traveled it was common for the Hatamoto to be left in charge of the daimyo's estate. To be a hatamoto meant your lord regarded your advice highly, and the title was so that all would know you were one of his favored subjects. Sometimes the title brought with it a certain amount of land, where the hatamoto was expected to live and continue in the service to their lord. Hatamoto was similar to military titles, in the way that they brought great responsibility and glory. [1]

In the absence of his lord he could speak with authority on his behalf, and even to agree minor contracts and negotiations for their family. [2]

In the battlefield several Hatamoto were part of his general's Command Group, providing his lord with important information regarding developments on the field of battle and then ensure that the general's instructions were carried out. [3]

Politics Edit

The hatamoto were expected to be well educated in the nuances of politics, so that they might better protect their lord from public mishaps. He smoothed over any political disturbances left behind by the important decisions high ranking lords must make. [4]

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