Hashimoto Makato was a Dragon Clan samurai whose forces fought Nagokita Toju of the Lion Clan. Many times the armies under the command of Lord Nagokita's retainers crossed into the lands patrolled by Lord Hashimoto's forces. The two sides met in bloody skirmishes resulting in the deaths of several of Hashimoto's best soldiers.

At last these slights against his honor grew too great to bear, and Lord Hashimoto sent notice to Nagokita of his displeasure, warning that he would not tolerate further transgressions against his fief. Several days passed and at last a response was received from Nagoakita in the form of the severed head of Hashimoto's messenger. Lord Hashimoto ordering his fief mobilized for war. The great Dragon leader led his armies against the domains of Lord Nagoakita and his honorless clansmen.

This was the beginning of the War of Redemption. [1]



This article is based on some of the earliest released information about Legend of the Five Rings, and/or directly contradicts specific points of established L5R canon. As such, its canonical status is questionable.

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