The Hashi Bridge was built over the Black Finger River by Daigotsu's command. It was just an hour's travel south of the fork between the Black Finger River and the River of the Dark Moon, so that the Lost might easily cross the river on pilgrimages from the City of the Lost to the Festering Pit of Fu Leng. [1]

Destroyed Edit

Hashi no Oni

Hashi no Oni

In 1165 the bridge was used by Daigotsu and his followers to escape from Iuchiban, and destroyed it behind them to dissuade pursuit. The beast known as Hashi no Oni, which was a wormlike oni with a broad, armored back, was summoned each time Daigotsu or one of his followers wished to use its back as a bridge. The price was a living sacrifice, usually a captured Crab or a peasant kidnapped beyond the Kaiu Wall. [1]


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