Born: Unknown 
Died: 1132 
Died after return: Unknown 
Parents: Ide father,
Kitsune mother

The ronin Hasame was born into the Unicorn Clan, but left them to serve the Lion Clan.

Family Edit

His father was an Ide [1] whose name Hasame struggled to forget to take a new path, but secrets hang heavy in his mind and he could never forget his mother's bloodied cry. [2]

Father's History Edit

His father was a promising shugenja and scholar who served to teh Iuchi. He and Hasame's grandfather delved in the Clan's secrets of the the Burning Sands. They moved to the Shinjo Library, to Ikoma records, and even to Kyuden Kitsune to find the missing pieces. There he married to a local maiden, and Hasame was born. [1]

Lost Scrolls of the Unicorn Edit

When Hasame was old enough he went with his father from one place to another. They found and were given the lost texts of the Unicorn within Crab lands. The scrolls were plagued of nightmares of Shadows and Darkness, alongside with a Kolat plan to infiltrate and kill the Shinjo house. [1]

Ronin Edit

They knew they were doomed, reading the texts the Shadows and the Kolat would kill them as they expose the evidences. They left their clan, and never told the scroll's history. They lived as ronin in a village unclaimed by the Great Clans. [1]

Fall from Grace Edit

Hasame 3


With the destruction of the Akodo family line, Hasame lost his position within the Lion and was dismissed by the Matsu family. Hasame traveled east to the Islands of Silk and Spice. The Mantis Clan bushi with whom he worked despised him, regarding him as a fallen samurai of the Great Clans. He served as a yojimbo to a wealthy Mantis merchant for months. Only one among the Mantis would he call a friend: the bushi Arashi. [3]

Betrayal Edit

Hasame awoke one day to find Arashi over him with a kama raised for the killing strike. The fight was quick but bloody. Arashi lay dead afterwards, his throat torn out by his own kama. Hasame recieved a grievous wound on his arm. He believed that his former friend had been a Kolat. [3]

Toturi's Army Edit

Hasame left the islands and disembarked at Mura Sabishii Toshi, where he expected to become an Asako Inquisitor to gain ways to perceive the movements of the Kolat, but the Asako dismissed him. Hasame moved to the Dragon lands in hopes to be hired as yojimbo to a Kitsuki Investigator, to further his search for Kolat. However he found a ronin camp, members of the Toturi's Army. Unknowing if Toturi the Black was a man of honor, or a kolat as other said, Hasame decided to join him and see what Toturi truly was, to act accordingly. [3]

Imperial Edit

Hasame 2


Hasame worked under the command of the Imperial Chancellor Takuan. [4]

Naga storm Mirumoto Mountain Edit

Hasame was part of the Imperial Legions that fought against the Naga army at the gates of Kyuden Hitomi in the Siege of Sleeping Mountain. [5]

Morikage Forest Edit

Hasame was at Morikage Toshi battlements shortly after Toturi I was released there from the Shadows. [6]

Death Edit

In 1132 Onnotangu sent his avatar, the Champion of the Moon, who rose to claim Toturi, to drive the Shadow into him and claim him forever. Hasame turned from his place at his master's side, and stepped between Toturi and the avatar of the Moon. Hasame took the blow, perishing instantly while saving the Emperor's soul. Toku carried the body of his comrade away. [7] [8]

Returned Spirit Edit

Hasame came back to Rokugan through Oblivion's Gate to fight the Lying Darkness. [9]

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