Hasaiki no Oni

Hasaiki no Oni

Hasaiki no Oni, the Burning Sea, was a lumbering beast of an oni, and one of Shokansuru's Brood. [1]

Creation Edit

Hasaiki no Oni was forged from the power of Jigoku using the soul of Shokansuru's once time friend and fellow magistrate Mirumoto Hasaiki. After Iuchiban captured the City of the Lost Shokansuru fled out into the Shadowlands where the found the Forgotten Tomb of Fu Leng. There he could tap into the power of Jigoku directly, and began creating oni using the souls of his former allies. [2] [3]

Appearance and abilities Edit

Hasaiki no Oni was a massive 20 feet tall, with long powerful limbs and a thick leathery hide. Its massive legs allowed it to run fast and lept long distances. Its head resembled that of an alligator or a Sanshu Denki. Hasaiki no Oni was not as smart as Sentei no Oni or Yojireru no Oni, but not as brutish or feral as Munemitsu no Oni. Hasaiki was physically powerful and deceptively fast, also capable of vomiting huge gouts of deadly acid. The acid would disolve virtually anything it touched, including stone and metal. [3]

Legacy Edit

In the late 12th century an area of the Colonies was named Hasaiki's Lair by unknown reasons. [4]

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