Haruno no Oni was an oni ten feet tall, covered head to toe with large red plates of impenetrable armor, but with unarmored joints between its shoulders. It was known for its brute strength rather than its finesse. [1]

Breaching the Scorpion Wall Edit

In 1190 [2] one of theses creatures of the shadowlands appeared in the Second Festering Pit and breached the Scorpion Wall. It took the life of a Phoenix Inquisitor who was visiting the wall before it fell under a rain of arrows and a deadly blow of Hida Demopen. [1]

Staged by the Scorpion Edit

The inquisitor, Asako Moeru, had been murdered by an assassin. The Scorpion staged the outbreak to cover the murder, and they had killed Moeru's entourage outright before the Oni breached the wall. [2]


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