Please note: This article is about the servant of the Crab Clan. For other uses of the term, please see Haru (disambiguation).

Haru and his family were known throughout Long Walk. He and his ancestors were ashigaru who had served the Crab Clan for over 400 years. Haru's first duty was to tend to and protect the city of Long Walk but the city had rarely been threatened so this duty was an easy one. His second duty was to act as a runner. Once every three months he made his round of all the Hida castles and noted any supplies they might need from Long Walk. Either himself or one of his sons made sure to greet any Crab samurai that entered the village. He would show them the utmost hospitality and act as a runner and retrieved any item he might need from the village so that the samurai never had to set foot on a single bridge. [1]

Kidnapped Edit

In 1160 Haru was in his way back to Long Walk to place orders for all the Hida lords when bandits kidnapped him and forced to join their numbers. Haru was rescued by a group of samurai sent by his Lord. [2]


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