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Born: 1112 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: First Old Man of the Mountain (planted) 
Siblings: Fatima,
Adira (adopted) 
Titles: Blood-Red Tiger Master,
Old Man of the Mountain

Haroun al-Daqiq [1] was a member of the Assassins who shifted his loyalties to the Houses of Dahab and a became Blood-Red Tiger Master Qolat. [2]

Family Edit

Haroun was born in 1112, [3] the son of the first Old Man of the Mountain, Hassan al-Alamut, and brother of Fatima, Shala, Chandra, Jamilah, Faida, and the adopted Adira. [2]

First Task Edit

Haroun 2


Haroun was contacted by a merchant who wished to hire him against a rival. This merchant was his first victim, because the rival had already hired Haroun to kill the merchant. [4]

Despised Edit

Not many of the Old Man's sons show the talent for The Calling, but they all bore the mark of the Grey Woman's Curse. Only Haroun seemed untouched by the magic cast against his family so long ago. [5] The Old Man despised Haroun for it, and he quickly realized it. [6]

Qolat Edit

In 1127 Haroun was visited by a member of the Servants of Laramun, the secretive Qolat, whose target was to diminish the influence of the Gods over the mortals. He had realized his father would never pass him the leadership and decided to carve his own destiny. [3] Haroun secretly became a member of the Houses of Dahab and a Qolat. [2] He became the Blood Red Tiger Master, [7] and he quickly trained an army of Assassins loyal to him and the Qolat. [8]

Truth exposed Edit

Haroun on a mission

Haroun on a mission

In a meeting with the Rokugani Kolat Haroun asked to all Kolat Masters why he had to remain in the Qolat. Only Master Tiger had an answer, Haroun was not a truly son of the Old Man. The Qolat had infiltrated inside the Assassins and one nursemaid had planted Haroun as an Old Man's child, but he was not. The truth shattered Haroun but he recovered and devised a plan to seize the power of the Assassins, the Qolat and the Kolat for his own glory. [8]

Marks of the Curse Edit

Haroun began to walk lamely [8] and planted a faked mark of the curse in his back. [9] In this way he eliminated any doubt about his loyalty toward the Order, which he would use in his favor. [8]

Schism Edit

Faked death Edit

Haroun manipulated the Masters to believe he was a double agent of the Old Man, and was expelled from the Qolat. Showing his marks [8] he gathered the male members of the Assassins and attacked the Senpet garrison, and a bloodshed happened. All the male lineage of the Old Man died that day, during the Awakening. [3] [10] The Old Man was quickly murdered. [11] Haroun faked his own death to control his own small troupe within the Assassins, the group known only as The Cursed, while part of the Assassins would become bodyguards of the new Caliph, Adira. [2]

Old Man's Death Edit

After the Old Man, leader of the Assassins, died in 1132, the Children of the Mountain were thrown into chaos. At this the Assassins erupted into open warfare, with Fatima controlling a small faction, [12] and her second born sister Shala another. Jamilah remained as a feared assassin. Haroun revealed as a member of the Houses of Dahab and a Qolat. [2]

Hidden Agenda Edit

Haroun gained a post again the Qolat, became a Merchant King of the Houses of Dahab, and used the Qadaam as his personal army. He decided to take the title of Old Man of the Mountain, which drew the attention of the Assassins Traditionalists. [13] In 1165 [14] two Merchant Kings were found murdered, their bodies left in the ritual fashion of the Daughters of the Mountain. Haroun lured her leader, his own sister Jamilah, when she tried a third King murdery. Haroun threw a Dhul Fiqar Knife and killed Jamilah, becoming the new Leader of the Assassins, [2]

Control of the Qolat conspiracy Edit

Haroun worked to take control of the Qolat conspiracy, but Ruqayah, Master Roc, and Eda Ishan, Auroch Master, did not allow it. Haroun wished to become the uncontested leader of the conspiracy, in the Sands and Rokugan. He would do what was needed, including the killing of the Qolat and Kolat Masters. [15] Haroun managed to create an scandal that obliged Ruqayah to step down from all her public posts, and passed the House Hazaad control to her cousin. She could not get the control of the Houses of Dahab, but in 1162 the control was still in dispute. [16]

Daughters of the Assassins Edit

The Traditionalists discovered the true identity of Haroun, and he had to fight the two Qolat Masters and his sisters at the same time. [8]

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Blood-Red Tiger Master
? - Present
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Preceded by:
First Old Man of the Mountain
Old Man of the Mountain
1132 - Present
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