Kuni Harike Temple was built to honor Kuni Harike, who in 634 sacrificed himself to defeat the Kusatte Iru in the Plains of Foul Tears. [1]

Location Edit

Harike Seido was just west of Kyuden Toketsu. The brothers never allowed anyone to touch the Iru husk remnants, for fear that those with devious intentions might find a way to reawaken the Kusatte Iru. [2]

History Edit

Crystal Samurai Edit

Kuni Ryute, yojimbo to Harike, was slain during the fight. His body was preserved inside a crystal, by Harike, preventing him from entering the afterlife. [3] The crytal samurai was placed in the temple. [4]

Deception Edit

Shortly after his demise a Bog Hag by the name Higashato took his body and skin. Using her foul magic, she appeared many times to the monks that prayed at Harike's shrine dressed in his skin and convinced them that the only way to battle the Shadowlands was to understand it. By 1050 she had them reciting blasphemous texts and carving stone oni statues. [1]

Idols Edit

Kusatte Iru Idol

A Kusatte Iru Idol

The monks told the villagers of the nearby Kyuden Toketsu to beware the evil, giving the peasants idols to defend against it, which would keep them safe from harm. They were unaware the idols were made in obsidian, ressembling the Kusatte Iru. [5]

Sacrifice Ritual Edit

Higashato bound evil spirits to the temple, as guardians. The most powerful was a Smoke Oni. In 1123 the oni was killed by a group of magistrates who were investigating the disappearances of the villagers. [6] The mad abbot, Koshi, a loyalist of Higashato, [7] the day the magistrates arrived to Kyuden Toketsu murdered all the monks but three in their sleep, [8] those who would be chained until they were sacrificed to stop the Kusatte Iru to awaken. [9]

Known Brothers Edit

Layout Edit


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