Harike's Obsidian Stone
Created by: Kuni Harike
First used by: Kuni Harike
Currently in the possession of: Higashato

The Harike's Obsidian Stone was used by Kuni Harike to put the Kusatte Iru in an eternal slumber.

Crafting Edit

Harike bound kami to the stone permanently, enslaving them in a mad and diabolical ritual, to defeat the great oni and protect the Empire. [1]

Spells Edit

Harike stored a great deal of magic within the stone, powerful spells that he would expect to use, including the maho spell 1000 Years of Terrible Slumber. They were activated when coated with fresh blood, which made the stone to appear as as a heavy lung, wet with blood and mucus. All of its powers became evident, as if the stone were speaking and breathing. [1]

History Edit

Kuni Harike Edit

In 634 the Kusatte Iru was defeated by Kuni Harike using the Stone. [2]

Higashato Edit

In 1123 the Bog Hag Higashato performed a long-range plan to avoid the oni to awake. A group of magistrates were accomplices of the sacrifical ritual, as the lesser of two evils. [3]


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