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Harik was a sahir who crafted a ruby and he used a jinn to make it. The jinn vanished forever. [1]

Student Edit

Hakhim, who had reasearched the Hakhim's Seal and became the first Sahir, reached the village which would become Medinaat al-Salaam. There he took Harik as his first student. [2]

Qabal Edit

Harik, considered the founder of the Qabal, and became a powerful sahir. After the death of Hakhim, Harik and their followed honored his memory. [3]

Mekhem Edit

Twenty years later the Prophet Mekhem appeared, aiding the villagers to improve their lifes. Hakhim's followers saw him as a menace and confronted their teachings. After a private conversation between Harik and Mekhem the sahir renewed his strength and joy of life. One of Harik's followers recorded the Forty-Seven Sayings of Mekhem. [3]

Death Edit

When Harik died, one of his followers, Qadir, became the Qabal leader. [3]


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