Hantei XXXVI was the thirty-sixth Emperor of Rokugan.

Events during his Reign Edit

Shadowlands Fleet Edit

A Crab Koutetsukan fleet handily destroyed a fleet of kobune and their skeletal crews that emerged from the islands in the Tainted Sea to harry the coasts. [1]

Assassimation Attempt Edit

A ninja tried to assassinate the Emperor with a poisoned arrow, but was saved when the Imperial Guard Seppun Haruhiro stepped in, taking the hit. The famed swordman lost the use of his legs. [2]

Shrine Edit

The Shrine to Hantei XXXVI in the Hidari district of Otosan Uchi honored his memory. [3]

Preceded by:
Hantei XXXV
Emperor of Rokugan
11th century
Succeeded by:


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