Hantei XVIII was the eighteenth Emperor of Rokugan, but very little is known about his reign.

Sumotori Edit

Hantei XVIII was known for his affection toward the Crab and visited their lands on many occasions during his youth and reign. Before Hantei XVIII ascended to the throne he was besotted with the ideals and methods of sumai, and some tales claimed he attained the rank of yokozuna. One of his first decrees as Emperor established sumai as an official sport at the Imperial Winter Court. [1]

Imperial Museum Edit

A Kuni Witch Hunter by the name Kuni Hazu arrived with a statue of a humanoid creature in the Imperial City. The Emerald Champion stared at it for an hour before he was sure it was not breathing. The Emperor was fascinated with the craft. It appeared so real that he ordered to build an Imperial Museum of Antiquities to house the statue and many more he commisioned to Hazu. The Hantei did not know the "statue" was a petrified creature, trapped within its own hardened shell by a magic ritual. [2]

Preceded by:
Hantei XVII
Emperor of Rokugan
? - ?
Succeeded by:
Hantei XIX


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  2. Otosan Uchi:Book 2, p. 73

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