Hantei XII 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 532 
Parents: Hantei XI 
Titles: Emperor of Rokugan

Hantei XII, Hantei Hikawa [1] before his ascension, was the twelfth Emperor of Rokugan, and the first Emperor to be cremated after his death. [2]

Cremation Ritual Established Edit

After the First Rise of Iuchiban his father had ordered cremation to avoid the Bloodspeaker could use again buried corpses to created undead. He tasked the Jade Champion, Seppun Matashi, to establish the standard funeral rites for all of the Empire with his father's funeral. Undermined by the Elemental Masters, Matashi could not fulfill the duty until he was aided by a Four Temples monk, Gorinno, who greatly impressed the Emperor. [1]

Heresy of the Five Rings Edit

Five Rings, Five Clans Edit

In the year 519 Gorinno suggested the Empire was suffering some manner of spiritual imbalance, and balance only could be restored merging the Crane and Scorpion Clans merged, proposing Five Rings, Five Clans. He was arrested for heresy but immediately released after Hantei XII intervened, ruling that so long as Gorinno only taught and did not actually urge anyone to take action, he was not to be touched. The next year peasant revolts erupted in Crane and Scorpion lands demanding the Empire recognize Gorinno's wisdom. In the year 525 the Brotherhood of Shinsei itself was plagued by acts of violence between its various sects over Gorinno's argument. [1]

Historical Contest Edit

A Defend the Leader match was staged in celebration of Hantei XII's birthday. The Lion fielded two armies of 500 bushi in the fields near Otosan Uchi. The leader who led his "army" to victory eventually became the head general of the Lion armies. [3]

Death Edit

In the year 532 died and was succeeded by his son, Hantei Satoru, who became Hantei XIII. [4]

Preceded by:
Hantei XI
Emperor of Rokugan
514 - 532
Succeeded by:
Hantei XIII


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