Hantei Bosai 
Born: 278 
Died: 371 
Parents: Hantei Ningi 
Siblings: Otomo Tohojatsu 
Titles: Emperor of Rokugan

Hantei Bosai was the son of Emperor Hantei Ningi, and he assumed the the throne after his father's death. He lived a long life and died at the age of 93. [1]

Suitengu Edit

When young, Bosai was saved from drowning by a fishermen, Suitengu. The heimin would be later elevated to Fortune status by Hantei V. [2]

Reign Edit

Inkyo Retirement Edit

Bosai's major contribution was the establishment of monasteries for the purpose of retirement, or inkyo. Apart from that, his reign was known as explorative; most maps of Rokugan were established during his reign. [1]

Shrine of the Seven Thunders Edit

An unlikely alliance of Lion and Scorpion politicians claimed in the Imperial Court the Shrine of the Seven Thunders was teaching heresies. After an investigation of the Seppun Hantei Bosai decrees that the monks were to be regarded as teachers, historians, and scholars, free to share their information or keep it secret as they pleased. [3]

Kaze-Do Edit

The Crab Clan Champion Hida Tekien claimed several of his bushi had learned the Kaze-Do unarmed fighting style, which had been never taught to Samurai, proving it defeating a group of selected monks. Bosai was skeptical and called for a fight against a captured troll, who quickly murdered one of the students. These Crab bushi had been taught in flawed techniques that worked in stylized form but not actual combat. [4]

Imperial Taxes Edit

Emperor Hantei Bosai managed to fulfill his father's wishes and established a fully organized tax assessment of the entire Empire. [5]


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Preceded by:
Hantei Ningi
Emperor of Rokugan
? - 371
Succeeded by:
Hantei Fujiwa

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