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Hantei's Tessen

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Hantei's Tessen
Created by: Unknown
First used by: Unknown
Currently in the possession of: Unknown

Hantei's Tessen was an unusual fan forged with the golden symbol of the Lion on one side and the brilliant chrysanthemum of the Emperor on the other. [1]

Appearance and abilities Edit

The tessen was made of bronze, altough it was as strong as steel, and could not be broken by the blow of a katana. It was a dangerous weapon and dealt more damage than usual fans. [1]

Hantei XXIII Edit

Hantei Retsuhime, the Emperor's daughter, did not follow the tradition of marrying the heir of the Doji, who was a terrible boor. She instead chose to marry a Matsu, gaining the scorn of many courtiers. The aged Emperor backed the decision of his only child and gifted his tessen to the Matsu. [1]

Known wielders Edit


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